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CPIE Services and Zesta Team Up to Help European Businesses Accelerate International Growth

With Small and Medium sized enterprises (SME’s) constituting 99 percent of companies in the European Union, CPIE and Zesta embark on a mission to help businesses with internationalisation as well as taking back control over their marketing.

COPENHAGEN, LONDON, (February 5, 2021) // Today CPIE Services and Zesta – announced that they are going to team up to help European businesses accelerate their expansion internationally.

52 percent of European SMEs are engaged in international activities. According to an EU survey, 81 percent of businesses that exported in the last three years did so to another EU country, or the UK. Moreover, 15 percent exported to the Middle East or North Africa. This proves that international sales is the backbone of the economy. In 2020, it is estimated that SMEs have contributed 22 percent of the GDP.

SMEs’ international expansion does not happen without facing important challenges. Some of the biggest ones are attracting customers and sales.

Zesta’s Jens Nielsen said “For small- and mid-sized organisations, entering new markets is a big leap. And one of the most underrated barriers when expanding is the need to adapt your company’s culture and behaviour, and to prepare new approaches. To gain access to the local networks, understanding buying behaviours and getting on the radar of procurement offices and other buyers is crucial, and it takes time.”

CPIE’s Karsten Been added: “To help our clients overcome these challenges, and to achieve their goals, CPIE Services team up with Zesta, the European expert of GTM strategies through a mix of branding, awareness, digital marketing and sales activities.”

The association of the two entities gives their clients access to experts throughout Europe and the Middle East from Go-to-Market strategies, all the way to establishing a business and operating in another market. Zesta offering encompasses:

  • Brand awareness Zesta creates PR and content strategies to promote your brand

  • Partnerships: Zesta connects you to the local market and helps you establish partnerships with a network of resellers

  • Local Communities: Zesta helps you create and be part of local communities with access to webcasts, roundtables and trade bodies or associations

  • Lead generation: Zesta can put you directly in touch with brands and organise meetings and relevant conversations

  • Growth hacking: Zesta gives you access to the latest digital marketing and sales strategies, technologies and experts to grow internationally

  • Learning expeditions: Together with Zesta, we organise meetings with local stakeholders to help you define your GTM strategy

  • Office creation support: We help you establish your business in Europe and hire your (sales) team

To learn more about Zesta, go to, or contact us at to know more about how we can help.

More about CPIE:

CPIE Services are specialists in setting up companies in England, Nordics, EU and many other well-known and popular international jurisdictions. CPIE Services also establish companies and services in Hong Kong, Seychelles, Dubai, Gibraltar and similar international jurisdictions for our clients to manage their business. With the new challenges around Brexit, CPIE Services have added fulfilment and consulting services to support our customers' need to engage with local management, storage and dispatch services to secure the income.


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